Erection of a Prefabricated House

This morning (December 11, 2001) they started erecting the walls of a prefabricated house in the neighborhood. The foundation was done a few weeks ago with prefab elements as well. The rumbling of heavy vehicles caught my attention: 3 trucks and a pretty big crane had to negotiate the narrow road behind our house. As I was at home the whole day I though that this would be ideal opportunity to record for posterity the erection of a prefab house. My ignorance tells me that the correct term for this style of building must be something else because a prefab house is one where the whole house comes as a single entity. Here the walls came as single entities but were assembled on site as you will see in the pictures below.

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For the benefit of those who are wondering why this was such a note-worthy event for me, let me explain. A new house in the neighborhood is not a common-place event in my life: the space around my house is fairly limited as is the case with any other property. Secondly, houses here are built the traditional way, one brick at a time. We have exterior walls with two layers of bricks sanwiching fiber-glass insulation. Hence an ordinary house takes months to complete around here.

Raju Varghese
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