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rape-plant-in-spring     2003-05-01

A walk on the first day of May showed flowering rape fields in their full glory. Of course, those suffering from hay-fever will be less enthusiastic about the pollen they disperse into the air.
sunset-at-miami-airport     2003-04-29

Miami cried the day we were leaving. It poured from morning until the time we had to leave and then it smiled. And what a smile it was! Just before the sun dipped below the horizon it emerged from the clouds for a few minutes and cast an orange glow. We were waiting in line on the runway for take-off clearance. I just pulled out the camera and clicked. The camera, of course, auto-focussed on the plastic window which is not where I would have if I could have controlled it. The picture, however, turned out to have a charm of its own.
rosehips     2002-11-01

Taken on a warm & beautiful Sunday in October just before the cold set in. The fruit, plump and almost bursting, lasted just a few days after this picture was made. Once the rains started, that was it.
fall-leaf     2002-11-01

Our neighbor's concrete fence is covered with a creeper. In Fall, it turns bright red as in the picture. I caught one of the last leaves before it succumbed to the Winter winds.
DamAcrossTheRhine     2002-06-02

On a clear and warm June day we ambled over the dam shown in the picture. The Rhine marks the northern border of Switzerland from Germany. This photograph was made from the German side of the river. One of the many dams on the Rhine, this particular one is in Leibstadt. The nuclear power station of Leibstadt can be seen in the background with its characteristic puff of steam. The Swiss government pays a non-neglibile amount to the German towns across the river as compensation for shadow cast on them by the steam.
TheRose     2002-06-02

The first rose this season on our rose bush. We had radically pruned the bush a few weeks prior to the budding. A couple of days after this picture was taken the rest of the buds blossomed forth and put up quite a show.
SunriseInOctober     2001-10-31

October was wonderful this year. The average temperature was 4 degrees centigrade above normal and one of the warmest ever. Fall this year has only shown its best side so far. Cold and wet days are coming for sure. Sunrise on this particular day was spectacular. The photo has been scaled for better viewing on ordinary monitors but is otherwise un-retouched. This photo was made from the balcony on the first floor looking East (naturally). The shiny cylinder-like object in the middle of the picture is the silky remains of a spider's web that reflected the flash of the camera.
ViewFromTitlisCableCar     2001-06-24

View from a cable car when going up to Mount Titlis in central Switzerland. The first cable car on the way up is a compact one with space for about 4-6 people. The next one is big community vehicle and it rotates giving one a great view of the mountains.
ForsythiaAgainstSky     2001-04-01

Any Swiss resident will tell you that March 2001 was gray and damp. According to meteorologists it was one of the worst ever. However, on the last day of the month the sky cleared up and spring broke through. On the following day it was even better as this Forsythia shrub will certainly attest to.
SunriseByG     2001-01-29

George took this picture looking East from our house. The sunrise with the big Linden silhoutted against the sunrise.

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